“We’re a team of designers, architects and engineers and have 9+ years of experience in the field of engineering and architecture industries. We are effective team players and believe in delivering quality results”

Daily Design Solutions is a company based in Faridabad, India ( approx...25 km from national capital New Delhi ) .We offer various services such as drafting, 3D modelling, rendering and graphic designing. To know our services in more detail please visit our services page.

We offer our designing services in U.S, U.K, Australia, New Zealand and India.


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Pankaj Bind


He holds the Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He has a good industrial experience in the Mechanical, Structural & Architectural fields. His technical experience builds a good coordination in the entire team of DDS.

He is committed in delivering quality design service within the allotted time.

He currently looks after the entire management of the company. He has a strong background in operations and process management and has helped in developing new markets.

“The idea behind starting the Daily Design Solutions came to my mind from my college days when I was a student. We all have bunch of ideas but due to limitation of any designing software knowledge and limited funds we have to postpone our execution of ideas.

Here at DDS, our motive is to engage all those people with us to create a better tomorrow. I welcome every individual and companies who have ideas and designs to join us and get accomplished their tasks at most reasonable price.”

Pankaj Bind (Founder)

Our Team

At Daily Design Solutions we have experienced team of Engineers, Architect, and Graphic Designer. Our team is fully dedicated and works smartly to complete the projects on time. We at DDS work with the best skillset and technology. Regular training sessions at our office helps our team upgraded with new skillsets and technology.


To provide the best design service worldwide. To be renowned for providing high-quality design & professional services.


To become the world's best design service providing company with the advancement of the latest trends & technology.

Our Working Process

We have a 7 step working process which leads to excellent results and customer satisfaction.

  • Step-1: We receive input from our clients in the form of JPEG’S, PDF’S and CAD etc.
  • Step-2: Our team analyses the input. If there is some missing information we inform to the client else the project is forwarded to our Design Team for processing.
  • Step-3: Our Design team prepares the best strategy to complete the project on time.
  • Step-4: Once the work is completed it is forwarded to our Quality Check team. Our QC team checks the entire project.
  • Step-5: If QC team accepts the project in 1st Quality Check it is forwarded for 2nd check & if it is rejected it goes back to Design Team.
  • Step-6: Our 2nd Quality Check focuses more on overall project presentation and quality rather than going in technical details.
  • Step-7: Once the project passes the 2nd quality check it is ready to be delivered.


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